West Coast Chess Alliance is committed to making chess an important part of the Richmond, CA community.

We are making chess a part of the cultural fiber of the City of Richmond, CA. We provide affordable, fun and high quality chess education through school and community based programs.


Recognizing the cognitive and behavioral benefits of chess, it is an enrichment activity used in many affluent school districts.
Chess teaches valuable lessons such as:

Problem Solving

Critical Thinking

Spatial Awareness

Goal Setting

We are a non-profit chess advocacy organization that works to utilize the many educational benefits of playing chess to engage, enrich and empower young minds.


We provide affordable, fun and high quality chess education through school and community based programs. The most important aspect of our mission is to develop in-school and after-school scholastic chess programs, we organize tournaments, offers chess improvement classes, beginner lessons and special lectures.


Our motto: “Always think before you make a move”. We focus on promoting self-esteem, develop critical skills necessary for success in school and life.

WCCA Program Goals

  • To develop an appreciation for the game of chess

  • To build self-esteem

  • To stimulate creative thinking

  • To promote the concept of problem solving

  • To develop good sports-person-ship


SPEED CHESS Tournament

WCCA Celebrates National Speed Chess Day

We are an official affiliate of the US Chess Federation, the governing body for chess in the USA. We believe playing chess if taught properly can promote self-esteem, develop critical thinking and problem solving skill sets for young minds.

The game of Chess is not merely an idle amusement. Several very valuable qualities of the mind, useful in the course of human life, are to be acquired or strengthened by it, so as to become habits, ready on all occasions.” Benjamin Franklin (On the Morals of Chess)


“My son has been enrolled in the after school chess program for three years now. He is always enthusiastic about attending the classes and absolutely enjoys spending time. It has been very inspiring to see him go from a beginner to a confident and competent player.

West Coast Community

“Our son has been involved for almost two years - Not only is our son learning chess and associated strategies, but he is learning life lessons such as planning, how to strategize, sportsmanship (including how to be a gracious winner and good loser), focus, determination, puzzles, problem solving, etc.

West Coast Community


West Cost Community

" What a great program. We feel so blessed that we found a school with such high standards of education.Then to learn of this fabulous Chess club what a bonus